Spotify's What's New Page - dummies

Spotify’s What’s New Page

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify’s What’s New option on the left-hand sidebar opens the What’s New page in the main pane. This page has completely changed in recent releases so it reflects the music you and your friends have been listening to. The page consists of several sections:

  • Recommended Albums: The recommendations on the What’s New page are tailored to your tastes and are based on your listening history.

  • New Releases: Want to see the latest music that Spotify has added to its catalogue, which contains more than 15 million songs and counting? Thousands of tracks are added daily, so you can’t browse them all here — but you can find highlights of new albums that Spotify has recently added here. Just click through to the album you’re interested in, or click the right and left arrows to view more selections.

  • Trending Playlists and Tracks Among Friends: Friends’ activity updates used to be shown on this page, but these now appear on the People sidebar on the right side of the main Spotify screen. Instead, you can see a regularly-updated summary of what music your mates are listening to.

  • Top playlists near you and Top tracks near you: These sections reflect the music that’s popular in your geographical location.