Spotify's Growl for Mac - dummies

Spotify’s Growl for Mac

By Kim Gilmour

Mac users listening to music through Spotify normally can’t tell what the song’s title or artist is unless they either know it already or go into the Spotify program to see what’s playing — which can be a hassle if you’re busy working on something else.

The extra effort involved hugely differs from Windows 7, which includes loads of info about the currently playing track accessible from the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, including playback control.

But Mac users have somewhat of a workaround. Growl is a popular, free tool that provides an unobtrusive, gentle alert system, which pops up a message whenever something important is going on — such as new e-mail, an appointment reminder, a phone call alert, what song is currently playing in Spotify — that sort of thing.

Support for Growl is built into Spotify. All you need to do is have Growl installed, and each time a track starts playing, you see an alert pop up onscreen. Currently, you can’t control a track from this pop-up window — for that, you need something such as FoxyTunes — but at least you can see what’s playing.

Growl isn’t only for song alerts — ListDJ, a lyric-listing tool, is also Growl compatible. Growl and ListDJ work great together.