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Spotify Search for Firefox and Spotify Super Search

By Kim Gilmour

The Spotify Search for Firefox, a nifty and hugely popular little add-on, lets you highlight some website text (such as an album title or artist), right-click it (or Ctrl-click on a Mac), and then select Spotify Search from the menu that appears to open a list of search options.

You can choose to either do a free search, which is just a search for those keywords, or specifically search for an artist, album, or song. It works very well, with results loading up in Spotify just as quickly as they would if you were conducting a regular search on Spotify.

Another benefit is that the Spotify Search feature is very non-intrusive: The tool is hidden from view until you right-click the highlighted text that you want to search.

Download Spotify Search for Firefox at the Mozilla Addons site.

Jer White has created yet another excellent resource: a way to help make Spotify searching easier. At Spotify Super Search, you can search by artist, album, track, genre, or year, and then select options from the drop-down lists to look for results either matching or not matching a particular search term.

There are other options available, too, such as searching only some, but not all, search terms in your query. You can add as many terms to the search as you want.

The search is generated in real-time onscreen so that you can see what you’d normally be typing into Spotify’s search bar. This is actually a good way to figure out how to conduct advanced searches through Spotify on your own!