Spotify Radio and Play Queue - dummies

Spotify Radio and Play Queue

By Kim Gilmour

Click the Spotify Radio left sidebar option to open the radio station in the main Spotify pane. In Spotify Radio, you can listen to random tracks from the last few decades (and even older ones).

Don’t like a track that’s playing through Spotify Radio? You can just skip it and go to the next one by clicking the next track in the lineup or by using the Next Track button on your keyboard, if you have one. And Spotify Radio provides you with a great way to discover new artists. Right now, Spotify Radio is available only for those subscribers who have an Unlimited or Premium subscription.

Good morning, listeners! Spotify Radio is streaming to your home live from Spotify’s HQ — and you’re in control of the music!

Another option to gain control of your music is Play Queue. Click Play Queue to open a list of tracks in the main window that Spotify has scheduled to play. After a track ends, Spotify plays the next track in the Play Queue.

How the Queue works is slightly quirky because it depends on whether you’ve added songs manually to the Queue, as well as the location from which Spotify plays queued results (such as a playlist or an album).

But, after you get the hang of it, the Queue can really help you manage a day’s listening, as it’s easy to browse around and add a bunch of new stuff to the Queue.

You can also see what you just listened to in your current session. Click the History tab, which appears at the top of the main pane when you select Play Queue in the left sidebar, to display that list.