Spotify Mobile’s Playlists - dummies

Spotify Mobile’s Playlists

By Kim Gilmour

Just like on your computer, you can manage Spotify playlists on your phone. Any change you make to your playlist is synced across all the devices you’re logged into, in real-time. When you start up the Spotify app, all your playlists are displayed straightaway, but you can access them at any time by tapping the playlists button at the bottom.

Some of the things you can do include

  • Creating and editing playlists: When you start playing a song you like, you can add it to an existing playlist or create a new one from which the currently playing track will be added. You can also rearrange songs within playlists on an iPhone (although this is currently not possible on platforms such as Android).

  • Starring: Bookmark a track you like or want to come back to.

  • Sharing: Directly share your track, a playlist, or an artist profile to social networks (including Facebook and Twitter), Spotify contacts, and e-mail, just like you can by using the computer app. On the iPhone, you can also copy the URL to your mobile device’s Clipboard.

  • Checking your Inbox: Access your Spotify Inbox from right within the app.

  • Accessing local files: Access local files after you transfer them from your computer to your phone by using Wi-Fi. This is the main feature available to Free and Unlimited users, and those on the Free invite-only plans.

  • Using Offline mode: Save playlists to your phone so that you can listen to them through Spotify, even if you aren’t on the Internet. You can save tracks for offline listening on three different devices. (On Android, you can even save the tracks to a cache on an external memory card.)