Spotify Mobile Service with a Premium Account - dummies

Spotify Mobile Service with a Premium Account

By Kim Gilmour

The two main advantages Spotify Premium subscribers have over Spotify Free or Unlimited account holders are the abilities to access Spotify’s streaming catalogue via a mobile device and to listen to tracks in Offline mode by using either your mobile or computer app.

These are the two killer features that justify the fact that Spotify Premium costs double the price of Spotify Unlimited.

By using Offline mode, you can listen to music from your playlists by using your mobile phone when it isn’t connected to the Internet. You may find this feature especially important if you’re traveling overseas. Luckily, mobile phones these days also have wireless Internet access built into them, so you can listen by using Wi-Fi to avoid paying extravagant data charges.

You can make a playlist available in Offline mode, so when you’re away from a wireless connection, you don’t have to worry.

The app itself costs nothing to download and is available on a range of phones.

There are a few differences between all the Spotify Mobile versions, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find your way around the app, no matter which one you’re using.

But the application is a charm to use on any device because it lets you instantly sync your playlists across your computer and your mobile device so that all the music you’re familiar with is already accessible.

Spotify playlists are stored in the cloud (which is the term used for content or services that are hosted remotely over the Internet), so when you make a change, it’s accessible in real-time on all your Spotify-connected devices.

Right now, only Premium users can log into Spotify Mobile for Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian devices. (This feature is eventually planned for all users, though, so do check the Spotify website for the latest information.)

If you haven’t had experience with cellphone apps, then it’s not a huge stretch getting started. iPhone users need to have an Apple ID to download apps from the App Store to their phone, and Android users need to have a Google account to obtain Android Market apps.