Spotify Chrome Extension - dummies

Spotify Chrome Extension

By Kim Gilmour

The Mad Pixel Factory’s Spotify Chrome Extension — recommended by Spotify — lets you highlight an act’s name on any web page, and then click the extension button to begin searching Spotify for that name. Results are slickly displayed in a pop-up window.

Click an album, artist, or track name to be directed to Spotify’s launch page for that result. But don’t take Spotify’s word for it: To date, the extension has been downloaded an impressive 32,000 times and enjoys a four-star rating at the Chrome Web Store.

You can find the Spotify Chrome Extension at the Chrome Web Store.

Those of you who have an Android phone can use this extension to send Spotify links from your browser directly to your phone. After your phone receives the link, that link then plays directly in Spotify Mobile — making it an ideal way to listen to music if Spotify isn’t running on the computer you’re using.

You need to download the Google Chrome to Phone extension — an add-on that copies web links from your browser and sends them directly to your phone.