Spotify Apps: ShareMyPlaylists and TuneWiki - dummies

Spotify Apps: ShareMyPlaylists and TuneWiki

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify Apps offers several popular apps, including ShareMyPlaylists (SMP), which is now available as an integrated app within Spotify, and TuneWiki, the database of song lyrics that syncs up to the Spotify music in real time.

How to use ShareMyPlaylists with Spotify

Before it was integrated into Spotify with Spotify Apps, you could use ShareMyPlaylists as a way to let other people know about the playlists you’ve created. The website acts as a hub where you can share and discover playlists based on virtually any theme whatsoever.

Now, to use the integrated app, you need to have a Facebook or Twitter account associated with SMP in order to get started, or you can create a separate SMP account. Click the Sign Up link at the top of the SMP app page to get started.

Once you have set up an account, publishing a playlist is easy. Just click and drag it to the ‘Publish a Playlist’ box on the main page of the app. On the following page, type a description of the playlist in the text box, choose a theme then click Submit. You will be prompted to log in via Facebook, Twitter or your SMP account if you aren’t already.

How to use TuneWiki with Spotify

Want to have your own Spotify karaoke party? Look no further than TuneWiki, the database of song lyrics that syncs up to the Spotify music in real time, with each line of a song’s lyrics highlighted as the words are sung.

When a song is playing, click the TuneWiki app on your sidebar to view the lyrics. The next line of the lyric in the song is automatically highlighted. How does this work? Well, it’s based on the collective efforts of people like you — just like Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia that virtually anyone can edit. Kind souls have indicated when the next line in a song’s lyric should start.

If syncing is inaccurate, you can help fix the problem by clicking the ‘sync’ button next to the song that is playing. After each line is sung, click the Next Line button. That tells TuneWiki when the next line should be highlighted. When the song is over, click Save.