Spotify Apps and Privacy - dummies

Spotify Apps and Privacy

By Kim Gilmour

Be aware that when you register with a Spotify App, it may ask you for permission to access some of your personal details. For example, to publish a playlist using the Top10 app, you need to link it to your existing Facebook account. During the process, Facebook asks you for permission to share certain types of information with the Top10 app, such as your basic Facebook profile information.

You may also be sharing other types of data, and it’s a good idea to always check out the app’s own privacy policy before you agree to registering with the app. With the exception of Top Lists and Radio, Spotify Apps are developed by third parties and, as the Spotify Privacy Policy states, the personal information the apps collect from you is governed by that app developer’s own privacy policy.

Information that the app could collect may include your Spotify user ID, currently playing song, play history, play queue, library, playlists, country of registration and subscription type. Spotify’s privacy policy says that this information “may be transferred to, used and stored by the provider of the Third Party Application”.

And, as Spotify points out, when you delete an app from Spotify, any information already collected by the third party app may not necessarily be deleted.

A link to a Spotify App’s privacy policy on the developer’s website is always provided when you register; this opens in your web browser’s window. If you missed the link, go to the developer’s website directly and look for a link to its terms and conditions.

When you sign up to an app using your Facebook account, you can go into Facebook’s privacy settings later and tweak them so that only the minimum amount of information is shared between you and the app. To view the information that the app can collect and minimize this, follow these instructions:

  1. When logged into Facebook, click the small down arrow then click Privacy Settings from the drop-down list.

  2. Under Apps and Settings, click Edit Settings.

  3. On the next page that appears, next to Apps You Use, click the Edit Settings button.

  4. Next to the App whose privacy settings you want to view, click Edit.

    A list of information the app needs to function is displayed here, For example, this is likely to include basic information including your name, email address and birthday. The word ‘required’ or ‘this app needs…’ is listed next to the information the app has to collect.

  5. Underneath this section, delete any unnecessary permissions by clicking the ‘X’ next to the setting you want to the app to stop seeing.

    Depending on the app, this might include information such as ‘Access Your Data Any Time’ or ‘Post to Facebook as You’ or ‘Access Posts In Your News Feed’.