Mark and Star Spotify Inbox Tracks and Block Unwanted Messages - dummies

Mark and Star Spotify Inbox Tracks and Block Unwanted Messages

By Kim Gilmour

If you start playing a track from your Spotify Inbox and don’t have time to listen through to the end, bookmark it by clicking the star outline that appears on the far left column, which adds the track to your starred songs.

For other items (such as playlists), right-click the item and select Mark as Unseen from the pop-up menu that appears. Selecting this option turns it back to bold and makes the item look like it hasn’t been listened to yet, so you can easily find it at a glance if you have a lot of other stuff in your Inbox.

The Spotify Inbox isn’t susceptible to the sort of junk mail or spam that plagues traditional e-mail. Some bands who have music on Spotify send tracks from their albums to all their friends to get them to listen to those tracks, but that’s not really spam so much as a blatant plug!

Someone annoying might start bombarding your Inbox — he might even be your mate. So, what to do?

Well, thankfully it’s not a big deal. Just go to your Inbox, right-click his name, and select Block from Inbox from the pop-up menu that appears. In the future, all messages from this person won’t arrive in your Inbox.

You can also select Hide This Person to get rid of all the messages he’s sent you — convenient if you have a load to sort through.

You can also change the view of your Inbox to display messages only from people you’re already following. Click Filter and select Only Show Items from People I Follow from the drop-down list that appears. To undo this setting, repeat the selection to uncheck the option.