Make New Friends with Spotify - dummies

Make New Friends with Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify has a strong connection with Facebook, but its social networking features aren’t limited to your existing circle of friends. Spotify lets you add anyone to your People list, as long as you know her username and she’s also enabled Spotify Social. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with her on Facebook, and she doesn’t have to approve your friend request.

The problem is there’s currently no way for that person to know whether you’ve added her to your list — you can’t view another person’s friends in the same way you can through Facebook.

You can obtain some clues about who might have added you: For example, take a look to see who’s subscribed to your playlists. If there’s a name that pops up a lot, he’s probably following your Spotify activity.

You can also let a person know that you’ve added her as a friend and see whether she responds. Spotify’s Inbox feature lets you send tracks to anyone in your People list, along with a short accompanying message. Perhaps you’ve been a fan of a certain person’s playlists in the past and want to introduce him to a band you’ve been enjoying lately.

There’s no guarantee of a reply because people can filter their Inbox messages to show only messages from people they’ve added to their own list. But it’s one way of breaking the ice and maybe making a new friend.