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Innovative Spotify Tools

By Kim Gilmour

Plenty of services, tools, and add-ons can boost Spotify and give it a little extra oomph. Think of these additions as power tools that can help you get things done faster or as little embellishments that can make your Spotify life easier. Many are mini-programs that plug into your existing web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) or into Spotify itself; others are web based.

ListDJ for Spotify

After you plug in ListDJ, which offers on-demand lyrics of the song you’re listening to, you’ll never doubt what’s being sung again. Download this Spotify plug-in for Windows. You can also download a version for the Mac, but you need to have Growl installed first.

You can also try

  • Lyrify: A Windows-only lyrics tool.

  • ListeningNow: Xavi Esteve’s lyrics-display tool is a bookmarklet. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. To get it working, you need a account that has your listening data made public and scrobbling enabled.

Cleanify clipboard filter for Spotify

Cleanify is a website where you enter a Spotify track, album, or artist URI, and the site turns that link into a nice, readable address. But copying and pasting a Uniform Resource Indicator (URI) into the Cleanify website every time you want a more user-friendly address can be time consuming.

Enter Cleanify’s clipboard filter, which runs in the background and automatically converts Spotify links that you’ve copied and converts them to the clean versions. It’s available only for Windows and is downloadable.

You can also try, which reduces those long Spotify links to something that’s only around ten characters long.

FoxyTunes for Spotify

FoxyTunes is a popular browser add-on for Firefox that lets you control virtually any media player from the browser window, thanks to easily accessible playback controls. You can also see what’s playing within the window. Right-click some relevant text in the web page you’re currently browsing (such as an artist name) to open a pop-up window, where you can check out a biography, lyrics, and more.

Playlistify anything bookmarklet for Spotify

Playlistify is a neat tool that converts any track listings (such as YouTube or iTunes playlists) into a Spotify playlist. Playlistify creator Roeland Landegent calls the conversion process baking.

The bookmarklet makes the baking process easier for text conversions (when you copy and paste a list of track names into the Playlistify text box). Just drag the Playlistify It bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark bar.

The next time you highlight some tracks (say, on a music retailer’s website), click the bookmarklet, and the text gets transferred to the Playlistify text box (you may need to edit the text slightly to make sure each track is on its own line).

Playlistify actively encourages people to share the playlists they’ve created on the site. To date, almost 7,000 playlists had been shared. Roeland also posts regular updates and suggested playlists via his Twitter account, @playlistify.