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How to Use Your Mobile Device as a Spotify Remote

By Kim Gilmour

A range of developers has introduced applications that let you use your smartphone or iPad as a remote control for Spotify on your computer. So, if you’re streaming music from your computer to some speakers (whether wired or wireless), you can use your remote to change what Spotify is playing on your computer without having to get off the sofa or walk away from your house guest.

Typically, you download the app for your phone, as well as a small program for your computer that helps the two wirelessly communicate with each other. Here are two popular options for iPhone and Android:

  • Remoteless: This Norwegian company has developed an app that’s compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It costs $3.99 (£2.50 or €2.80), and no Spotify Premium account is required. Go to Remoteless for more information.

  • ReSpot: This remote app is designed only for Android devices. The app itself is free, but you need a Spotify Premium account to use it.

For even more alternatives, see this longer list of Spotify remote controllers.