How to Use Tubufy with Spotify - dummies

How to Use Tubufy with Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

You can use Tubufy from within Spotify to find and play YouTube videos. If you don’t know what this strange word, Tubufy, means or how to pronounce it, just add an e to the first syllable — Tube. As in YouTube. Geddit? Tubufy bills itself as “Spotify with video.”

Paste your Spotify playlist Uniform Resource Indicator (URI) link into the text box, and Tubufy generates the playlist with YouTube video clips of those tracks running alongside it.

Tubufy’s navigation is simple: All the tracks from your playlist are listed in a sidebar on the left side of the screen; click a track to launch the related YouTube video in the main part of your browser’s window. Note that for copyright reasons, not all songs link to videos; some link to only stills.

You can click the Show Alternative link at the top of the video to see other versions of the song on YouTube, some of which may have a related video featured.

Tubufy isn’t the only site matching music with YouTube videos: you can also check out Spot My Video, although you can only paste up to 12 tracks into its text box, rather than link to actual playlists.