How to Use the Spotify App Soundrop - dummies

How to Use the Spotify App Soundrop

By Kim Gilmour

SoundDrop styles itself as a ‘global jukebox’. It lets you listen to music in real time with your friends or other Spotify users in a virtual listening room known as a ‘spot’. Your mates can even suggest which songs to play next.

For example, there are 21 people listening in a public room called ‘Love the 90s’, with The Cardigans’ My Favorite Game on the playlist along with The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love. People in the room can add their own tracks to the playlist, and ‘vote up’ tracks if they like what tracks are forthcoming – tracks with more votes get played first.

Being a passive listener in a room does not require you to register, but if you want to create a room and invite friends, add songs to an existing room, ‘vote up’ a song or make comments, you need to link Soundrop to your Facebook account. Doing this also lets you see when your Facebook friends are playing music on Soundrop.

Soundrop is also planning a mobile app that lets your friends submit songs to your ‘spot’ and vote for them even if they don’t have Spotify, which is ideal for parties!