How to Use Spotify on a Linux Computer - dummies

How to Use Spotify on a Linux Computer

By Kim Gilmour

You may have one of a number of Linux distributions, which are versions of Linux (such as the Ubuntu operating system). Spotify has a prerelease Linux version available to download at Spotify, but it has no technical support, doesn’t run local files, and involves rocket-scientist tricks (well, a bit of computer coding) to install. You can much more easily add Spotify to your computer by using Wine.

Wine is a tool that lets you run Windows programs. Download the latest version of Wine. After you install Wine on your computer, you need to adjust a few settings. Spotify recommends making the following changes on the Audio tab:

  • Ensure that only the OSS Driver check box is selected.

  • Below DirectSound, set Hardware Acceleration to Emulation, Default Sample Rate to 44100, and Default Bits Per Sample to 16.

You can then download the Windows version of Spotify.

If you have any questions about using Wine for Spotify, you can hang out at the official Spotify Wine forum.