How to Use Playlists on Spotify Mobile - dummies

How to Use Playlists on Spotify Mobile

By Kim Gilmour

When you first open Spotify on your phone, your playlists are all displayed. (Tap Playlists at the bottom of your iPhone or Android device at any time to go back to this view.)

Playlists created on Spotify are stored centrally, so they sync on all your devices. Create something on your computer, then look at your mobile device, and it should show up there in seconds. The iPhone also displays any playlist folders. Spotify was busy working on displaying playlist folders on other platforms, such as Android, to make navigation easier, so watch this space.

Scroll up and down your phone to browse your playlists (or playlist folders). To select a playlist, just tap it. If it’s in a folder, just tap the folder to open that folder, and then tap the playlist when it appears.

You can then select the track you want to play, and it starts streaming to your phone right away.

There are countless types of Android devices, but some are more versatile than others and can even display Spotify in landscape mode. Just tilt your phone horizontally to see whether your phone is lucky enough to support this feature. It’s particularly handy if your playlists have particularly long titles or you just feel like a change! (The Archos 7 Home Tablet is one Android device that supports this feature.)