How to Use BRITify on Spotify - dummies

How to Use BRITify on Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

Like Radiofy from Sweden, BRITify pulls together playlists from the British Broadcasting Corporation’s radio stations and puts them together in a series of handy playlists, listed by timeslot and updated nightly. Spotify was so impressed by Richard Ablewhite’s creation, it tweeted about this tool to its 100,000-plus Twitter followers. Richard hopes to expand BRITify so it includes other U.K. radio stations, too.

Richard cleverly mixes the BBC’s program listings API with Spotify’s APIs to create the tool.

Here’s how it works: Select a radio station (BBC 1 to 6 or BBC 1xtra) to bring up a list of all programs from the past few days, along with the DJs or presenters allocated to that timeslot. Clicking a timeslot expands the view to display

  • A Spotify link to the last 100 played tracks from that particular program

  • A Spotify link to the program’s latest playlist

  • Spotify links to individual songs played during that session

Some shows don’t have a great number of tracks on Spotify, but numbers tend to vary depending on the popularity and genre of the music. Around two-thirds of songs played across all the radio shows appear to be available in Spotify’s library.

You can tell which BBC programs have a decent number of tracks on Spotify by looking at the tally below the timeslot. For instance, 19/36 means that out of the 36 songs that were broadcast on that day’s show, Spotify has 19 of those tracks available to listen to.


Clicking a link takes you directly to Spotify, launching either the playlist or the individual track, as appropriate.

The BRITify website also hosts two sister sites, Last.ify and biblify, a site that takes album recommendations from publications and turns them into playlists.