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How to Tidy Up Spotify’s Catalogue

By Kim Gilmour

With 15 million tracks and counting, there are going to be mistakes in Spotify’s library when it comes to artist biography pages and matching artists with album releases. Spotify doesn’t have an automated tool for reporting and correcting problems, which creates a manual backlog for Spotify staff and is frustrating for paying customers who want accuracy in their playlists and in the listening data recorded at the music-recommendation service

One problem is that Spotify receives and relies on track information provided from record labels, some of which isn’t tagged or labeled correctly, causing it to be filed in the wrong places. Spotify could manually fix the problem, but they would then be back to square one next time they refresh the data provided to them by the labels.

NASA (as in the National Air and Space Administration) is mixed up with at least two European bands, which resulted in a hard time finding recordings of the space missions on Spotify. And sometimes, track remixes are all named after the original song, rather than the remix.

But the biggest controversy, which has been going on for at least two years, is related to complaints from people who are upset that British electronic dance outfit The Prodigy is missing the the from the listings and therefore gets mixed up with a hip-hop act named simply Prodigy.

So what can you do? The technical and logistical problems mean it might be a while before a reported correction sees the light of day, but you can still inform Spotify about content problems via its contact form.

Besides the link to the contact form, you can find details about the information you need to provide Spotify. In addition to filling out the contact form, make sure you sign into the official Support forums to have your say (and bond with other annoyed people).