How to Tag Spotify Tracks with Stars - dummies

How to Tag Spotify Tracks with Stars

By Kim Gilmour

In Spotify, all tracks and albums can be tagged with a star — it’s a way of bookmarking (or indicating a favorite) your preferred tracks or tracks that you want to come back to later. All items you star are listed in your Starred folder. You can also star all tracks in an album at the same time and add those tracks to this list, too.

You can star a track in a couple of ways:

  • While listening to a cool track, click the empty star icon next to the track that’s playing, which appears at the bottom-left of the Spotify window.

  • Click the empty star next to any track listing. This method is handy if you want to bookmark a track and come back to it later.

To star an album, follow these steps:

  1. Go to any album listing.

  2. Click the empty star next to the album name (helpfully, you’ll see the word Star next to it).

    All the tracks in that album become starred and are automatically added to your Starred tracks.

Click Starred on the left sidebar to take a look at all your starred tracks in the Spotify window’s main pane. You can initiate the filter to narrow down these starred tracks if you’re looking for songs from a particular artist or album.