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How to Start Up Your Own Spotify Blog

By Kim Gilmour

There’s a strong community out there full of enthusiastic bloggers who dedicate their free time to combing Spotify’s extensive catalogue for playlist ideas. If you think you can do the same and have the knack for finding music or other audio tracks related to your favorite genre or other area of expertise, when why not start up your own Spotify-related website?

The technical knowledge required to start up a blog is zilch, nada, nil. You only need to know how to register for an account, type your content into a few text boxes, paste in a Spotify URL, and click Post. Just use one of the many free tools available that let you start up your own blog in a few steps and have your posts (and images) hosted for nothing.

These blogs are typically supported by advertising and should be flexible enough for your needs if you’re only posting updates about your musical discoveries. The major free blog hosts include

  • Blogger: Owned by Google. Free blogs have an address.

  • The hosted solution, not to be confused with, which, although free, is software you need to install on web space you already pay for.

  • Tumblr: A quick-fire way of sharing finds on the web such as video, images, and quotes. Oh, and Spotify playlists, of course!

  • Posterous: Similar to Tumblr in that it lets you share quick links and posts that are too long for Twitter but not complex enough to put into a massive blog post.

Like with all things that are free, it’s important to back up your content regularly because there aren’t any guarantees that the sites will host it forever. You should be able to export and save your blog content as a file.

A step up from simply blogging is to combine blogging with a Spotify-related service. For an example, check out the British Spotify site Spotimy, which automatically pulls together the week’s new album releases and artwork into a deceptively simple-looking website and combines it with handpicked links to favorite new releases and carefully crafted playlists.