How to Sort Out Your Spotify Tracks - dummies

How to Sort Out Your Spotify Tracks

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify makes it easy to sort track listings by presenting search results, playlists, and local files in a list of columns, which you can swiftly arrange in ascending and descending order.

For example, click the title of the Track column to sort the column in alphabetical order (an arrow pointing up appears next to the word Track). Click Track again to sort the columns in reverse alphabetical order, (with the arrow next to the word Track now pointing down). The sort fields include

  • Track/Artist/Album title: View these fields alphabetically or in reverse alphabetical order.

  • Popularity: When you conduct a Spotify search, you can click Popularity to see the most-listened to tracks first. The number of white bars that appears next to the track shows you the relative number of Spotify users who have listened to it. You can also sort by least-popular results, if you feel like helping out the stragglers.

  • Time: Sort results from the longest songs to the shortest ones. Handy if you’re a Spotify Open user and don’t want to use up too much of your free listening time!

  • User: This column is visible in all playlists to let you see who added what songs to those playlists (and when). This sorting field is useful for collaborative playlists in work scenarios. You can also see who has (in your opinion) the best and the worst taste in music! Sort the users out alphabetically or in reverse alphabetical order.

  • Added: Viewable in playlist results and in Local File view. This column lets you see when a track was added to a playlist or to your local files. Again, you can sort this column by date added, in either ascending or descending order.