How to Sign Up for Spotify from Facebook - dummies

How to Sign Up for Spotify from Facebook

By Kim Gilmour

If you don’t already have Spotify, you can actually sign up for its service from within Facebook. So your Facebook-obsessed friends have no excuse to avoid being subjected to your musical tastes.

Just follow these steps to sign up for Spotify through Facebook:

  1. When you see a Spotify track show up in Facebook (perhaps as a News Feed item or on a friend’s profile), click its Play button.

    A pop-up window appears, saying that you need to open Spotify in order to play the track.

  2. Click the I Don’t Have Spotify link to begin the installation.

  3. Select the App Activity privacy settings.

    Another pop-up window appears, asking you to add the Spotify app to your Facebook Timeline.

  4. Click the down arrow next to This Activity Is Visible To to see a drop-down list of options.

    These options include Public, Friends of Friends, Friends, or Customize. By default, Public is selected (represented by a globe symbol).

  5. Click Log In and Add to Timeline to add the Spotify app to Facebook.

    Facebook needs to install a small file called an applet to your computer in order to install the Spotify program. Facebook has been verified as a trusted source, so it’s safe to click Allow (the exact message you see varies, depending on your computer setup).

  6. Allow Facebook to install the applet on your computer by clicking the appropriate option.

  7. Log into Spotify by using the e-mail address and password that you use to log into Facebook.