How to Sign Up for for Spotify - dummies

How to Sign Up for for Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

The process of sending tracks to is called scrobbling. You can scrobble from within Spotify by entering your username and password on your Preferences page and selecting the Scrobble to check box.

(For scrobbling with iTunes and Windows Media Player, you download a special application available from the website; you can also find dozens of other third-party scrobblers that work with more obscure media players. All scrobbles are logged to the same specified account.)

To register with, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Start Your Profile.

    The registration page appears.

  2. Fill in the registration fields, including a username of your choosing, your e-mail address, and a password.

    Because so many people are already using, you may need to try a few times before you find a username that hasn’t been taken — try adding numbers after your name.

  3. Type the auto-generated letters you see near the bottom of the registration page into the text box to prove you’re a human and not a spam robot.

  4. Select the check box that says you’ve read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    Links to these documents appear here, so you can read them first.

  5. Click Create My Profile.

    You receive an activation link in your e-mail Inbox (this went into my Junk Mail folder, so double-check if you don’t receive it right away).

  6. Click the link in the e-mail to complete your registration.

As an easy way to get started, when you first log in, you’ll be prompted to begin filling in a list of artists who interest you. That way, can begin making recommendations before you’ve even started scrobbling. Just type in the artists’ names, separated by commas, and click Save. Try adding a range of different artists to receive a broader range of suggestions.


For real-time scrobbling, go into your Spotify Preferences by selecting Edit→Preferences from the menu bar (Spotify→Preferences on a Mac) and make sure you enter your new username and password in the section. When you want to start scrobbling, just select the Scrobble to check box.

Each time you listen to a track on Spotify, that track gets logged on and added to your profile. If you want to listen to something you’d prefer not to count toward a recommendation, you can go into your Preferences and uncheck the Scrobble to box at any time.

You can also download the Scrobbler tool if you still use iTunes or your iPod, and want to continue scrobbling from these players, as well as Spotify. Each time you plug your iPod into your computer, can log the tracks you’ve listened to and transfer the listening history to your profile.