How to Reorder Spotify Playlist Folders - dummies

How to Reorder Spotify Playlist Folders

By Kim Gilmour

After you have a few Spotify playlists folders in place, it’s good practice to rearrange them into some kind of sensible order. You might, for example, have several folders dedicated to different musical genres. Or you might have ones relating to different eras. If these folders are all mixed up, they can be hard to navigate.

You can rearrange folders into alphabetical or numerical order so that they’re easier to browse, or perhaps keep your most interesting folders near the top of your list for quick access. The choice is up to you.

To rearrange folders, use the drag-and-drop technique. Just click and hold the one you want to move and drag it up or down the list. A white line appears between any existing folders (or playlists, if they’re displayed), indicating where the playlist will appear after you drop it.

You can also reorder playlists in the same way, even if they aren’t in folders. If you discover a playlist you like, you can drag it right to the top of your playlists and playlist folders.

If you made a mistake and want to shift a playlist into a different folder (or just feel like a change), drag and drop the playlist into the correct folder. To take it out of a folder altogether, drag and drop it on the left sidebar to the area you want it relocated. A white line appears between the listings to help guide you to its new location.