How to Quickly Perform Key Actions with Spotify Mobile - dummies

How to Quickly Perform Key Actions with Spotify Mobile

By Kim Gilmour

When you’re viewing Spotify Mobile tracks in a playlist, album, or search result, you can take advantage of some groovy moves that can help you perform some important actions with ease.

How to swipe your iPhone

On the iPhone, you can swipe (quickly drag your finger across) a track listing from left to right to display a list of symbols. Each of these symbols represents a particular task; just tap the symbol to perform that task. From left to right, the symbols represent:

  • Star a track.

  • Add a track to your Play Queue.

  • Add the track to a playlist.

  • Browse the album on which the track appears.

  • View the artist’s other work (confusingly, represented by a group of people, even if it’s a solo artist).


How to press matters with Android

On Android, press and hold a playlist track to bring up a range of options:

  • Remove a track from your playlist.

  • Add a track to your Play Queue.

  • View the album tracks.

  • View more artist information.

  • Share the track with others.

  • Share with Spotify people.


A Star option doesn’t appear in this group because you can star a track by tapping the empty star symbol next to the track listing.

Android phones also let you display a number of handy Spotify widgets (mini-apps that give you quick access to certain features). Here is a mini-Spotify controller that displays the currently playing track; a folder of starred tracks; and a Search text box. These widgets are really convenient because you don’t need to have Spotify open all the time to use them!