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How to Find a Job at Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify is one of those young, agile, and fun-looking places to work (at least, it seems so; the people who work there always seem like they’re having a good time, even if they do seem constantly on the move because it’s such a fast-paced environment).

Watch the videos and view the photos on their dedicated jobs site, and you encounter people skateboarding in the office, playing table football, and enjoying a Spotify Live Office Session every Friday.

Spotify’s CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek explains on the introductory video that the company is always trying to move faster, push the envelope, and improve how something’s been done — if it sounds like you’re up for this sort of challenge, head to Spotify Jobs.

Many of the jobs advertised are for software engineers, but positions have appeared for office managers, graphic artists, data analysts, accountants, ad salespeople, product developers, business development managers . . . the list goes on. The jobs are based in Spotify’s London, Stockholm, and New York offices.

For the technically minded who want to know whether they have what it takes to work at Spotify, the company has included several puzzles, such as the one shown here. According to the sidebar on this website, some software engineers started working at Spotify on the back of solving these conundrums!