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How to Explore Facebook Music via Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

After you connect Spotify and Facebook, your listening sessions are tightly woven into the whole social networking experience. Anyone looking for an easy way to immerse themselves into a never-ending, serendipitous music party need look no further — thanks to Spotify’s connection with Facebook’s exciting new Music service, getting started is surprisingly easy.

In September 2011, Facebook announced that it would be partnering with Spotify (and other music services such as Rdio and MOG), giving people the ability to share all their listening activity to Facebook.

What you’re hearing — along with your friends’ musical tastes — shows up in a number of ways:

  • Facebook Music: A special Facebook Music dashboard aggregates all the music-related listening activity in your network. It displays what your friends just listened to, what top music is trending among your network and the greater Spotify community, what playlists they’ve subscribed to, and more. You also get recommendations based on the music you’ve Liked on Facebook.


  • Facebook Timeline: Highlights of your listening activity also show up in your Facebook Timeline. If you’ve not used Facebook for a while, this latest feature replaces the old Facebook Wall on your profile page and essentially encapsulates highlights of your life so far — including the music you loved the most during a particular time.

  • Facebook Ticker: This relatively new feature in Facebook is a sidebar that updates in real-time, displaying highlights of what people are doing online at the time. If you happen to be listening to a song in Spotify, then that information shows up in the ticker and is relayed to your friends.

    They can then hover over the notification to see more information about the track and click through to play the song in Spotify. You even get a notification that your friend listened to the track you just played. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside?

  • Recent and Top Stories: If a number of your friends happen to be listening to the same song on Spotify (or just discussing Spotify, in general), it’s likely to be classified as a Top or Recent Story on Facebook, and it appears on your Facebook home page.