How to Browse and Play Spotify Apps Top10 Creations - dummies

How to Browse and Play Spotify Apps Top10 Creations

By Kim Gilmour

Browse the whole Spotify Apps Top10 collection by clicking ‘Browse Top10s’ which appears as an option on the top of the page. You can either search for Top10s using keywords (‘Air Guitar’) and hitting enter, or just click around the suggestions displayed on the virtual shelves, which look like old-style record sleeves.

A number at the bottom right of the sleeve indicates how many people have created playlists based on this theme or topic.

Clicking a search result displays all playlists related to that theme, but for convenience, only the most popular songs overall are displayed. For example, 65 people have created their ultimate Top10 list of Britney Spears songs, with the most popular being Toxic at 230 points.

To narrow this view down so you only see an individual’s Top10 list, just click on his or her name. You find that for some people, Toxic features way down at number 10 on their list, or not at all.

When viewing a Top10, you can either subscribe to the overall top 10 songs chosen for this theme, or an individual’s Top10 playlist.

Click “Everyone” to see a Top10 based on the collective top picks of all the people who created a playlist based on that theme, then click “Subscribe” to subscribe to this “Everyone” playlist.

If you’d prefer to see an individuals’ favorites, click their name and then click the Subscribe button next to their own playlist. The Top10 appears as a playlist on your left sidebar. Depending on the choice this could be say, “Top10 Radiohead songs created by Everyone” or “Top 10 Radiohead songs created by Kim Gilmour”.

You play tracks in Top10 by double-clicking on them from within the app, but if you want to access the Top10s you created as a regular Spotify playlist, you still need to click subscribe on your own playlist.

When you subscribe to a playlist you created using the Top10 app, that playlist has, strictly speaking, been published by Top10. This means you can’t edit it in Spotify (for example, to change its title or add and remove tracks). If you want to be able to do this, you need to create a brand new playlist in Spotify using the same tracks.