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Expand Your Spotify Mobile Capabilities

By Kim Gilmour

Many entrepreneurs and developers have created some fantastic and creative apps to complement your Spotify Mobile experience (none of which are affiliated with Spotify). This list gives you just a few examples of what you can find for iPhone and Android in the App Store and Android Market that can help make your Spotify experience even better:

  • Alarmify (free): Lets iPhone users wake up to a Spotify track. Tap the Search button in the app to find a suitable track and set your alarm by scrolling the numbers. The time is displayed as a digital version of a retro flip-clock. When the alarm goes off, the app launches Spotify and plays the track you set earlier.

    One downside: It needs to be on all the time for it to work, and you need to have it hooked up to an electrical outlet.

  • MSearch (free): Lets you look for Spotify tracks on your iPhone based on any lyric fragments you might remember. It’s a bit slow, taking around 10 to 15 seconds to look up a track, but it does need to cross-reference the lyrics with the actual Spotify listing. You may find MSearch a useful thing to have if you aren’t Shazam-ing your way into Spotify.

  • Spotlib for Spotify (69p/$0.99): Spotlib is an iPhone app that automatically imports your music library at Last.fm and lets you play your favorite tunes within Spotify. It’s available at the App Store. Last.fm has its own app, but it’s largely based around paying for the streaming radio feature (if you have Spotify Mobile and a Premium subscription, you already have this feature).

  • ShareMyPlaylists.com: The app is available for both iPhone and Android, and complements the Spotify experience by letting you browse for playlists and launch them in Spotify. It’s slick and handy if you want to discover music on the go.

    Bear in mind that you won’t find as many features on the app as you would on the website itself. You can’t log into the site through this app by using your SMP login, for example, and you can’t submit playlists from within the app.

Many new apps are being released all the time.