Create Your Own Spotify Top10 Playlists - dummies

Create Your Own Spotify Top10 Playlists

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify Apps Top10 is a way to easily share top 10 playlists about, well, anything you like. Anyone can create their own Top10. If there are others who create Top10s based on the same theme, then their tracks get pooled with yours, so a collective Top10 relating to the most popular tracks from that theme can be accessed along with any individual ones.

To access the Top10 app and create your own playlist, follow these steps:

  1. To add Top10 to your list of Apps, click App Finder on the left sidebar of the Spotify window. Find the Top10 app, and click the Add button.

  2. Top10 appears on the left hand sidebar, click it to get started.

  3. On the main page, you can see Top10 lists based on what other Spotify users have created so far. To create your own, click the pink Start a Top10 Now button.

  4. Top10 needs access to Facebook to enable you to share your Top10s.

    A window appears asking you to sign in using your Facebook account. Check the box next to the privacy policy that explains how Top10 will be able to associate your Spotify library and listening history with your Top10 account (if you don’t agree to this, you’re free to just browse the Top10 app). Then click Sign In With Facebook.

  5. Sign in using your Facebook login details and then check the privacy settings that appear on the resulting window.

    Top10 asks access to your email address — if you don’t want this shared, under Send Me Email click Change and then from the drop down list, select “an anonymous email address”. Then click Allow.

  6. To build your list Top10 asks you “What are your Top10 ‘x’ songs?”, where x can be anything you like. You can type a keyword here, e.g., “Australian” and press enter or click Choose Tracks to take you to the playlist creation page.

  7. On the next screen, Top10 presents you with a suggested list to choose from based on your keywords.

  8. To create your Top10, just click and drag the tracks to the list on the right.

    If tracks listed are not what you are looking for, use the built-in search bar to look for more tracks. Note that if looking up the artist name does not yield any relevant tracks (maybe it contains common words that come up in other artists’ songnames), try to put their name in quotes (“You Am I”).

  9. Once the list is completed click “I’m done” at the bottom right.

    On the next page you are encouraged to share the track with your Facebook friends by dragging their names to the empty box. You don’t have to do this; click ‘skip this step’ at bottom left to continue.

    Each track you include in your list is automatically awarded up to ten points, depending on what position it’s in. The song in your top spot gets ten points while the song at number ten gets one point. These figures help rank the track’s popularity in overall rankings for that playlist’s theme or topic.

  10. That’s it. Click ‘Browse your collection’ at the top of the page to see other Top10s you’ve created or add more by clicking an empty space on the shelf.