Artist Radio on Spotify - dummies

Artist Radio on Spotify

By Kim Gilmour

Click the Artist Radio tab on Spotify to bring up the Artist Radio page. Say you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones but want to listen to other similar stuff. No problem. Spotify can create a radio station just for you, on the fly. From the Rolling Stones’s Overview page, click the Artist Radio tab.


As you can see, the virtual radio station features artists who sound like the Rolling Stones, including The Who, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Chuck Berry, The Doors, and more. Below this list, your virtual radio station starts unfolding. Click the big Play button to start. All the chosen songs are random, so you won’t get the same combination every time.

You can quickly skip a song you don’t want to listen to in a number of ways:

  • The Track Forward button on your keyboard (if you have one; it’s usually shown by two right-pointing arrows)

  • The Forward button in Spotify’s own playback controls

  • The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+right arrow for a PC or Command+right arrow for the Mac)

  • The menu selection (Playback→Next Track)

You can skip right ahead by several songs to see what Spotify’s lined up for you, and then scroll back again, if you want. Just keep skipping a track by using one of the methods described in the preceding list, and the list of queued songs continues to generate.

(Don’t go too fast — be sure to wait a few seconds because these songs are all randomly generated on the fly, so you may have to wait for them to load.)

How does Spotify know what kind of songs you’ll like? It cleverly analyzes everyone’s listening patterns and can cross-reference similarities between people’s favorite types of music.