Add an Image to a Spotify Get Satisfaction Query - dummies

Add an Image to a Spotify Get Satisfaction Query

By Kim Gilmour

In some cases, you might want to add an image to your Spotify Get Satisfaction query that illustrates your problem better than words can. Uploading an image that illustrates your problem might help others solve it faster. Follow these steps to do it in Windows:

  1. Get your problem to show up on your computer screen and press Print Screen to capture it.

  2. Open Windows Paint.

    You can type Paint into your Windows search bar to find it.

  3. Paste in the screen capture by typing Ctrl+V.

  4. Click the Save icon in Paint and choose to save it as a .jpg file.

  5. Go to Get Satisfaction and upload the image by clicking Add Image below the Add Some Details box and then browsing to the image you just saved.

Get Satisfaction accepts only images that are 2MB or less in size. Your capture should end up being around 500KB.

If you want to crop it in order to zoom in on a particular problem, then you need to copy the selection and save it as a new file. You can get full instructions on how to crop an image in Paint.

For Mac OS X users, you can use the built-in Grab program (in Applications) to conduct a screen capture of a window or a selected crop, and then save it to your computer.

However, Grab saves images as TIFF files, and you can’t upload this file format to the website. So, you need to convert the TIFF to a JPG by using your image-editing software. Open the file in Preview, and then choose File→Save As. In the Format drop-down list of the Save As dialog box that appears, select JPG, and then click Save.