Tips for Designing a Flickr Cover Photo - dummies

Tips for Designing a Flickr Cover Photo

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

A big change to Flickr is the customizable cover photo at the top of every profile. Here are some specifications and instructions for creating and uploading a cover image, as well as a few cover image designs to inspire you. Here are some of the specifications for your Flickr cover photo:

  • The cover photo is a thin horizontal format. The crop ratio of the image is about 7:1. Based on our testing, you’ll have best results if the area you want to display is 2048 pixels (px) x 342 px.

  • The cover photo must be uploaded to Flickr before you can select it.

Cover photos appear in your photostream.

  • Cover photos are visible to all Flickr users. That means that the image you select can’t have privacy restrictions enabled. For example, if you choose an image for which you set the privacy settings to Only Me, the image won’t display in the cover image area.

  • Flickr uses a responsive design, which means that the images in the display area are reduced in size when the browser becomes smaller, such as when a profile is viewed on a mobile phone. On the smallest screens, the sides of your cover photo are cropped when your profile is displayed.

To ensure that your cover photo looks good when displayed full-width in a large browser window as well as when it’s cropped to fit in a smaller window, click and drag the edge of your browser window to make it smaller after you insert your cover photo.