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Social Media Optimization For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Social Media Optimization For Dummies

By Ric Shreves, Michelle Krasniak

Social Media Optimization is all about getting more out of your social media efforts by improving your efficiency and accuracy with your digital marketing efforts. The reference information and shortcuts in the three cheat sheets can help reduce the work it takes to manage your social media profiles.

Image Size Reference for Optimizing Social Media Profiles

Keeping track of all the images sizes needed for the various social media networks can be a chore. Use this quick reference for the optimal sizes on the biggest social networks.

If you’re uploading images to Facebook, these sizing guidelines should help.

Purpose Optimal size
Cover photo 851 X 315 pixels
Profile image 180 X 180 pixels
Image in post 1200 X 900 pixels

Check out these tips if you want to add images in Google+.

Purpose Optimal size
Cover image 1080 X 608 pixels
Profile image 250 X 250 pixels
Image in post 497 X 279 pixels

If you need to put images on LinkedIn, try using these suggestions to guide you.

Purpose Optimal size
Logo 100 X 60 pixels
Background photo 1400 X 425 pixels
Banner image At least 646 X 220 pixels
Image in post 646 X 220 pixels

Twitter also lets you add images. Follow these guidelines.

Purpose Optimal size
Header photo 1500 X 500 pixels
Profile photo 400 X 400 pixels
In-stream photo preview 440 X 220 pixels

And finally, these sizing tips can help make like easier when uploading images to YouTube.

Purpose Optimal size
Channel cover photo 2560 X 1440 pixels
Profile picture N/A (the photo is pulled automatically from Google+)
Custom video thumbnail 1280 X 720 pixels

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your social media profiles can help you maintain your profiles with minimal effort. Google+ gives you a limited set of keyboard shortcuts for navigating the stream and moving between the various posts.

Shortcut Result
J Move down the stream one post at a time
K Move up the stream one post at a time
Space Scroll down the stream
Shift + Space Scroll up the stream
Tab, Enter Post the comment
Q Jump to chat

Social Media Optimization: Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

The best way to keep up with a presence on multiple social media platforms is optimize the site and make it work for you. Twitter provides users with a handy set of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to move between the various features of your account.

Shortcut Result
N Post a new tweet
R Reply to a selected tweet
M Send a direct message
G, H Go to home page
G, P Go to your profile page
G, R See your mentions
G, M See your direct messages
G, U Go to profile page of user who posted the selected tweet