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Social Media Design: Eye-Catching YouTube Channels

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

Video is, after all, such a visual-heavy medium that it should hardly be surprising that YouTube channel owners spend a lot of time coming up with just the right design. Here is a collection of some great examples to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Recent changes to the YouTube channel page design have stymied a lot of channel owners, causing them to rethink everything from profile images to video descriptions. There are still way too many channels where the header image is a featureless blank, but many of the smaller, independent online video stars are taking advantage of the responsive design possibilities.


Quirky comedian, video game geek, and YouTube sensation Justine Ezarik is a genuine online video break-out star. She’s turned her “pretty girl who likes to do geeky boy stuff” persona into a cross-platform industry that has major advertisers begging to sponsor her shows, and it earned her guest-starring roles on network TV shows.

Justine now has a total of five YouTube channels (iJustine, iJustineGaming, iJustinesiPhone, iJustineReviews, and OtheriJustine) that have garnered more than 450 million views.


She makes good use of props to give her viewers visual cues as to which of her many channels they have tuned into. She also includes buttons on her YouTube header that not only take users to her other social media profiles, but also to the main channel or to a webstore, where you can buy all kinds of iJustine merchandise.

[Credit: iJustineGaming, a popular channel on YouTube]
Credit: iJustineGaming, a popular channel on YouTube

Look for areas where you can cross-brand your sites. The design that Justine uses on her OtheriJustine profile on YouTube is taken from the design that she uses on her Google+ page.

[Credit: iJustineGaming Google+ Page]
Credit: iJustineGaming Google+ Page

You don’t need to invest in expensive video gear to be a star. Justine shot most of her early videos with a point-and-shoot camera (that included video capability), using a green rug as her backdrop to do green screen work.


Another Internet humorist who has rocketed to fame via his hilarious videos, ZeFrank (real name: Hosea Jan Frank) also uses his YouTube profile to give viewers advance warning of his offbeat personality. The simple but powerful close-up of his eyes and the anxious, bemused expression on his face in his profile photo are clues that ZeFrank’s videos are what online denizens call “nerdcore humor.”

[Credit: Ze Frank]
Credit: Ze Frank


Continuing with the theme of offbeat designs, the YouTube page for Orabrush tackles the underlying issues head-on. The profile photo includes the mad scientist character who is the host of the videos, along with a grimacing actor in a tongue costume.

One innovation that earned them inclusion in this list is that they customized their channel page to include a tab called Bad Breath Test, which leads you to the satirical (but informative) video called “How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks.”

[Credit: Orabrush YouTube Page]
Credit: Orabrush YouTube Page

Eres Lo Que Publicas

Founded by Roberto Ruz, Eres Lo Que Publicas — which means “You are what you publish” — is an educational initiative designed to help young people in Mexico use the Internet and social media more responsibly.

Ruz, director of Responsabilidad Digital, uses his YouTube Channel to promote his speaking and educational business and to attract visitors to his website. Ruz offers his training program to schools and other education groups and is a popular speaker at events around the world.

[Credit: Roberto Ruz]
Credit: Roberto Ruz