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Mobile Apps for Social Media Optimization

By Ric Shreves, Michelle Krasniak

Taking your social media optimization endeavors on the road with you isn’t all bad. At times when you’re away from your computer, you realize that you’re approaching your scheduled social media time, and — because you’re so gosh‐darn dedicated — you sign on to check out what’s going on.

At other times, you may be at a marketing or tech conference where the organizers actually encourage attendees to stay connected. They may even provide with a specific hashtag to use on Twitter to make it easier to group updates from the different attendees.

The point is that sometimes you’ll want to sign into your SMO accounts from your mobile device. Following are some helpful apps to help you do just that. You can find these apps in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


Available for iOS and Android devices, Buffer is a comprehensive social account management dashboard. With both free and paid ($102 per year) accounts, Buffer lets you update multiple social media accounts from one convenient location. You can also schedule updates to go out at a future time.

Which account would you like to update on Buffer?
Which account would you like to update on Buffer?

Facebook Pages Manager

Stay up to date on what’s happening with your Facebook Page. You can do things like read messages, see how many new page likes you’ve received, and check out your post engagement stats. You can also compose messages and respond to comments. This app is available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

WiFi Finder

Heaven forbid that a team member sends out an inappropriate tweet or Facebook post while you’re away from the office! If someone does however, WiFi Finder is a great way to get “plugged back into” your social media dashboards so you can mitigate any potential damage as soon as possible.

This free app for iOS and Android devices shows you — in list or map view — the free and paid Wi‐Fi hotspots in your vicinity. You can type in an address, or the app can find your approximate location by using the GPS feature of your phone. You can filter by service provider or select preferred locations such as coffee shops or libraries.

Quickly find Wi-Fi hotspots near you with the WiFi Finder app.
Quickly find Wi-Fi hotspots near you with the WiFi Finder app.

Photo Editor by Avery

Photo Editor by Avery is a free app for iOS and Android devices. Use this app to apply fancy filters, add text, or give your photos frames. You can take a photo through the app, using your phone’s built‐in camera, or select an existing photo from your phone’s camera roll. This app has one of the most comprehensive set of photo editing tools in any mobile app. When you finish editing your photo, you can share it on numerous social media channels, or you can send it via text or email. You can even send the print to a drugstore to get developed.