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Make Frequent Changes to Keep Your Twitter Profile Fresh

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

Changing things more frequently can help keep your profile looking fresh, especially if you’re an exceptionally active Twitter user. Here are a few reasons why Twitter users change profile photos:

  • Holidays: Using a profile photo with a red hat, bunny ears, or clown makeup can make your page look more festive during holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween, or Purim.


  • Special events: When you’re attending a special event, celebrating a birthday, or graduating from college, using a profile photo that includes a graduation cap, birthday hat, or other prop can help you share the excitement with your followers.

  • Changing your look: If you get a new haircut or otherwise change the way you look, updating your profile to reflect your appearance helps keep you recognizable when you meet people in real life.

  • Sports: Adding your team colors or wearing a team jersey or baseball cap is a great way to show you’re a fan. Adding a black stripe across your photo can signify that you’re in mourning if your favorite sports team loses.

  • Seasons: Using a photo of yourself in a winter hat or your amazing new sunglasses can help illustrate the changing seasons.

Although changing your profile image once in a while is good practice, don’t risk losing the attention of your followers just to look up-to-date. When you change your profile picture, make sure that your face is still recognizable. Remember that a lot of people scan Twitter, looking for messages from their friends.

If you look radically different because you use a profile image that makes it hard to recognize you — such as a moody close-up of just your eyes, a picture of a flower, or a cartoon character — your followers may not be able recognize you, and they may scroll right past your valuable words of wisdom.

If a special event seems to warrant changing your photo to something your followers won’t easily recognize, make sure that you alert your friends to the fact that you have a new look. Consider posting a tweet explaining why you chose the image.