How to Save Images to Use on Your Social Media Site - dummies

How to Save Images to Use on Your Social Media Site

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

You will need to know how to save images to be used on your social media site.If you’re new to saving images for the web, the following basics can help you get the best results from your files, your image-editing program, and ultimately your web pages:

  • Convert an image from any format into the GIF, PNG, or JPEG format. For example, turn all your TIFF, BMP, RAW, and PSD image files into a web-friendly file format.

  • Optimize images that are already in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format. Even if your files are already in a web-friendly format, you will want to optimize images with Adobe’s Save for Web & Devices dialog box (or similar if you’re using non-Adobe software) to further reduce file sizes for faster download over the Internet.

  • Use different programs to create web graphics. Photoshop is one of the most popular ones to use. Under the File menu in Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements), you’ll find the Save for Web & Devices option. Fireworks provides a similar feature, and although each program’s dialog boxes are slightly different, the basic options for compressing and reducing colors are the same.

Make image edits before you optimize. When you’re editing, using the highest quality image possible is always best. Make sure to do all your editing, sharpening, and resizing before you use the Save for web option.

Similarly, if you want to make further changes to an image after you optimize it, you’ll achieve the best results if you go back to a higher resolution version of the image rather than editing the version that’s been optimized for the web. When you use the Save for Web & Devices feature, Photoshop creates a new copy of your image and leaves the original unchanged.