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How to Include Share Buttons in Your Social Media Designs

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

Adding social media links to the pages of your website or blog is one of the best ways to build social media connections and improve search engine optimization at the same time. Why not give visitors an easy way to share your content?

You can link from a website to your own page on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites and invite your visitors to like or follow your profiles. You can also set up links that make it possible for your visitors to share your content on their social sites.

A number of services make it easy to add social media sharing icons, but one of the most popular is Sign up for a free account and then follow these steps to add social media icons to your website or blog:

  1. On the home page, click the Get the Code button, and from its drop-down menu, choose Share Buttons.

  2. Choose the size and design of the social media icons you want to appear on your pages.


  3. Select the code and press Ctrl+C or click the Grab It button to copy the provided code.


  4. Paste the code into the code view on your website or blog anywhere between the <body> and </body> HTML tags. Save all your changes.

    You can add social media icons to any or all of the pages of your website or blog. The buttons appear wherever you insert the code.

    If you’re using WordPress, insert the AddThis code into a sidebar widget so that the icons automatically appear on every page where the sidebar is displayed, as shown here.


    After you save the code on your website, the sharing features are automatically activated. When a visitor to your site clicks one of the icons, such as the Twitter icon, AddThis establishes a connection to the user’s Twitter account, opens a small window on your site and starts a tweet that the user can then easily edit and post.