How to Edit the RebelMouse Navigation Bar - dummies

How to Edit the RebelMouse Navigation Bar

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

When you first create your RebelMouse site, a few navigation tabs are created automatically for you. All users will receive the Drafts and Home tabs, but RebelMouse may create additional tabs based on the social media accounts you’ve connected to your RebelMouse account and the content on those platforms.

However, you can add, subtract, or customize those tabs to spotlight content. You can also choose to make the tabs private. The Drafts tab is private by default.

To edit your navigation bar, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your RebelMouse account.

  2. Locate the small pencil icon to the far right of your navigation bar. Click the icon to edit your navigation bar.

    The Edit RebelMouse Navigation window opens.


  3. Click any field under the Page Title heading and enter the text you want on your navigation buttons.

    You cannot change the names on the two default buttons on your navigation bar: Drafts and Home.

    You can add buttons to the bar to lead your users to more narrowly defined content and topics on your site — say, a collection of all the posts across all your feeds that mention dolphins, or a page dedicated to all your Instagram photos.

  4. Under Page Type, open the drop-down list and choose the type of page you want the navigation button to open.

    You can choose from a sub-page on your RebelMouse site, link to someone else’s RebelMouse site, or even link to any other URL.

  5. Under Settings, add a short sentence telling your users what they will find if they click this button.

    The Description box won’t appear if you’re linking to an external URL.

  6. Click the Add Tag box and add tags to filter the content.

    For example, if you add the tag, then any content that comes from YouTube (such as videos that you post or Like) or any content that mentions YouTube will wind up on this sub-page on your custom RebelMouse page.

  7. Click Save.

Not sure what tabs to add to your navigation? Choose from the tags that RebelMouse indicates are among the most popular for your site.