How to Choose and Size Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

LinkedIn allows only one small image at the top of your profile. If you’re like most professionals, you want to upload a photo of yourself dressed as you would for a job interview or a business meeting. For many, that means a business suit. Professor Alexander Randall opted for formal shot of himself in a tux with a microphone, as is fitting for his profession in the communication world.

[Credit: Permission: Dr. Alexander Randall, 5th, Professor of Digital Media Communication, Universi
Credit: Permission: Dr. Alexander Randall, 5th, Professor of Digital Media Communication, University of the Virgin Islands

If you use your image on other social media platforms, be sure that your LinkedIn photo is recognizable as being associated with those other platforms.

Here are two important reasons why you need an appropriate LinkedIn photo:

  • Many people won’t connect with other LinkedIn users who don’t include a photo because it makes it harder to confirm that they’re connecting to the right person.

  • If you don’t include an image in your LinkedIn profile, you will be represented by a generic-looking gray silhouette avatar.


LinkedIn officially states that you can upload an image up to 4MB in size, but what really matters are the dimensions of the image. The current design works best if you upload an image that is a perfect square, at 200 pixels x 200 pixels.

If your image isn’t square, you can crop it after you upload it, but you’ll have more control over how you size and crop your image if you prepare it first in a photo-editing program like Adobe Photoshop before uploading it.

If you upload an image smaller than the recommended size, LinkedIn adds a light gray box around your image.