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How to Choose a Page Layout for Your RebelMouse Page

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

When it comes to RebelMouse page layout, you have two basic decisions to make. Although it seems that page layouts are limited, you can still add your own flair. Click the Design tab to see your options:

  • The layout of your page

  • Whether to enable the Giant Splash

Five basic RebelMouse page designs

You can choose from five basic designs as well as more than 20 headline and description text font combinations. To choose a column layout or font combination you like, simply click the graphic that you like and then click the Return to Front Page link below the name of your RebelMouse site on the top of the page.


Don’t worry — the changes are nondestructive. If you’re not pleased with the effect, just return to the Design tab in your dashboard and click a different graphic layout.

For anyone who has played with layout options on a traditional blogging platform, the grids at the top of this panel will be familiar. However, if all this looks new, you might want to choose one layout preset over the others.

Now see how the content-dense four-column layout looks. You might like this layout if you have a lot of activity on the various social media platforms and want to keep as much of the recent photos and posts “above the fold” on your RebelMouse page as possible.

Note that the photos are pretty much thumbnail-sized, and there is a lot more text on the page than with some of the other layouts. If you tend to be more of a writer than a photographer, this layout could be perfect for you.

[Credit: David LaFontaine]

Credit: David LaFontaine

Last, there is the full-column width layout, where each of your posts takes up the entire column. In the right hands, with the right sort of curation and monitoring of feeds, this can be a truly powerful layout.

However, when you take the content that fits into the other layouts and give it the entire column, only a few items can be seen at a time. Also, note that the text descriptions that appear besides the thumbnails in the four-column layout are pretty much absent here. All you get is the headline (blown up to very large size) and maybe a few words as a caption.

[Credit: David LaFontaine]

Credit: David LaFontaine

And, like when using Giant Splash, vertical photos waste a lot of space on either side of the content.

If you’re a photographer, an artist, or someone who posts a lot of horizontal images without much text accompaniment, this single-column layout could be perfect for you. You’ll just have to carefully monitor and control the content that makes it into your RebelMouse page to ensure that your posts are making the best use of the entire column.

The Giant Splash

Notice the Use Giant Splash check box. If you enable this option, you’ll notice that the five basic layouts suddenly sport a big pink bar on top of them.


Enabling Giant Splash changes the size of the most recent item posted to your RebelMouse site, making it take over the entire width of the page. You would use this option if you want to really make an impact with your most recent post and you want to really set it off from the rest of your content.

Here’s what happens. The photo is the featured content, and the other posts fit in nicely around it. The post has been expanded until it takes over the entire horizontal space.

So here’s where you need to think about enabling Giant Splash or not as well as your post choices. You can readily see the design problem because the photo is vertical, and thus you have a lot of wasted space on the margins. Of course, if you were using a horizontal photo, you wouldn’t have this problem.

[Credit: David LaFontaine]

Credit: David LaFontaine

Here’s another negative result from using this particular layout with Giant Splash enabled: The new vertical photo also pushes down the RebelMouse buttons and other content on the left side.