How to Change a Flickr Cover Image - dummies

How to Change a Flickr Cover Image

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

There are many wonderful ways to design a Flickr cover image. You can even create your own. Then, all you have to do is upload the photo to Flickr and turn it into your cover image:

  1. Open a browser and log in to your Flickr account.

  2. Mouse over the Edit button on the menu bar underneath your account name.

  3. Click the Edit Cover Photo button that appears in the upper-right corner of your Flickr cover image.

    In the Choose Cover Photo window that opens, you can choose from existing images or upload the new custom image that you just created in the preceding steps.

  4. Click the Upload a Photo button.

  5. Upload your photo with one of these methods:

    • Drag and drop your images into this window.

    • Click Choose Photos and Videos and then navigate to where you have your custom cover image stored on your hard drive.

  6. Click the Upload 1 Photo button in the upper-right corner of the upload window.

    Your custom cover image will be uploaded into your photostream. Don’t worry about the blank spaces above and below that image. You’ll take care of those in Step 9.

  7. Click again on Edit Cover Photo.

    The Choose Cover Photo window opens again.

  8. Double-click the image that you just uploaded into your photostream.

    Your custom cover image is loaded into the space on your profile page. A window over the page directs you to drag the image to set the position.

    [Credit: David LaFontaine]
    Credit: David LaFontaine
  9. Click and drag the image until you’re pleased with the way it appears.

    You should be able to arrange the photo in your cover image window so that it displays without any of the background layer color showing through.

  10. Click Save.

    Your new cover image is saved and becomes visible at the top of your photostream.

    [Credit: David LaFontaine]
    Credit: David LaFontaine