How to Add Social Media Site Feeds to Your RebelMouse Page - dummies

How to Add Social Media Site Feeds to Your RebelMouse Page

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

You can import up to 25 social media feeds into your RebelMouse page. Here are some tips and instructions for the most prominent social media sites that you’re allowed to bring into RebelMouse.


You can bring in tweets by

  • Connecting your Twitter account by authorizing RebelMouse to import your tweets or publish tweets to your profile

  • Entering a user’s handle — the @TheirName that they use

  • Adding a hashtag (#) for a keyword or subject that you want to feature on your page.

  • Adding a Twitter list, such as a collection of only your closest friends

For each Twitter feed that you add, you can choose the following options:

  • Post tweets and retweets.

  • Post only tweets but not retweets.

  • Post tweets and retweets to the Drafts folder, which allows you to publish manually later

  • Save tweets to the Drafts folder and ignore retweets.

  • Add a filter that uses Twitter’s advanced search capabilities, such as choosing to add only tweets with an exact phrase — say, “social media design for dummies” — by adding the quote marks around the phrase.

Check here for more on Twitter’s advanced search.


After you authorize RebelMouse to access your Facebook Profile, you can choose to bring in content from your main Profile, or you can choose to feature content from a Facebook Group or Page.

From the Facebook drop-down menu, you can

  • Choose from Pages you’ve created.

  • Check for new Facebook Pages.

  • Turn off the feed from Facebook altogether.


The process for adding the trippy photos from Instagram users closely resembles that for adding tweets. You can

  • Connect your Instagram profile to bring in all your photos.

    RebelMouse will put your photos into the Drafts folder so you can choose which ones you want to share and optionally write a more complete description.

  • Use a hashtag (#) to bring in photos around a subject that you’re interested in.

  • Bring in photos from another user. Just type his or her username.

  • Use the same type of advanced search features found on Twitter to filter the photos, such as a minus sign to exclude certain terms.

    For example: You love photos of food, but you’re a vegetarian, so you add the filter “food –meat” so you don’t get photos of steaks.


You can connect your Google+ page and also add content from any feed by adding that URL to any Google+ page.

The only options as of this writing are to

  • Immediately publish content from a Google+ feed to your RebelMouse page.

  • Hold it in your Drafts folder for your editing and approval.


Just click the Sign In with Flickr button on the Content & Feeds tab and complete the login process. RebelMouse says that it will publish only those images marked Public to your profile, meaning that photos marked as Private or only for family and friends should not show up on your RebelMouse page.


The social network for wanna-be Wall Street moguls, StockTwits is itself a kind of aggregator for short Twitter-like messages about investing and the stock market. Click the Sign In with StockTwits button to authorize RebelMouse to bring in your StockTwit feed, complete with charts, graphs, and videos (if any) that you post there.


Like StockTwits, the professional connection site LinkedIn allows you to bring in only your own feed. Click the Sign In with LinkedIn button and authorize RebelMouse to bring in your professional updates and shares.


Adding videos from YouTube to your page is more like importing from Twitter or Google+. Just type the username of a channel that you like (your own or someone else’s) and then click the Add button. You can open the drop-down menu to control whether new videos are automatically added to your RebelMouse page, or saved into your Drafts folder for you to review, edit, and approve.


The process for adding posts from a Tumblr blog is also quite open. Just type the username for a Tumblr blog that you like and then click the Add button.


Ever since Google got rid of Google Reader, the world of RSS readers has been in a state of flux. However, every blog worth its digital salt should have an RSS feed that allows you to bring in posts and content. At the time of this writing, RebelMouse does sport an Import Google Reader button.

Given that Google Reader no longer exists, clicking this button opens a window directing you to create an archive of your Google Reader data. Ignore this. Instead, visit blogs that you like or want to feature, click that RSS feed button, and copy and paste the URL into the field here.

You are allowed a total of 25 feeds. If you choose too many blogs to add here (a not-unlikely occurrence, given statistics showing that people’s RSS readers are crammed with more than 30 blogs), you won’t be able to add content from your social media profiles.


You can add all your Pinterest boards or just a few. To add all your boards, just type your username in the field and then click the Add button. To add only one board, type your username/name of the board — for example, davelafontaine/the-way-the-future-was— to limit the content to only the pins you have on that board.