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Facebook Design Rules You Should Follow When Creating Your Profile

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

Although Facebook says it wants to encourage all users to express their creative imaginations when designing Profiles, the company has instituted a number of rules about what you can and cannot include in a cover image or Profile design.

Most of the rules are designed to keep spammers, trolls, and overly enthusiastic marketers in line, but some of the rules may surprise you. Unfortunately, a few bad eggs on the Internet are making things a lot stricter for all of us.

Even if you aren’t trying to do something nefarious, like sell a fake prescription drug, you want to avoid doing anything that makes it look like you’re breaking the rules. Facebook can freeze your Profile or close your account.

Here are the Facebook rules about what you can’t have on your Timeline. (Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change, and we recommend you consult the Facebook help files for the latest updates.)

  • Do not use anything that infringes another person’s copyright. That means cartoon characters, movie posters, and just about anything from commercial media is a big no-no.

  • Do not encourage other people to upload your cover photo to their personal Timeline.

  • Your cover image can’t be deceptive or misleading. No promising a cure for cancer, earning a million dollars an hour for working from home, or promising instant worldwide fame for liking your Profile.

  • Facebook frowns on your having an arrow pointing at the Like button. Having said that, Facebook has moved that button so that it appears only on Pages now.

  • Facebook will remove posts and Profiles if they are deemed to be racist, abusive, or sexist.