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10 Social Media Blogs You Should Know

By Ric Shreves, Michelle Krasniak

A number of the top social media practitioners in the field today maintain useful blog sites that can help you optimize your presence. The sites are a goldmine of information on how to use social media for various purposes. Collected here are ten social media bloggers descriptions of why you might want to read what these people have to say on their blogs. You can find many great tips and tricks on the sites.

Boom Social

BoomSocial is the blog of social media practitioner Kim Garst. The BoomSocial blog focuses narrowly on using social media to sell products and services. The content is rich in tips and tricks for various social media networks and includes quite a bit of practical information for the hands-on practitioner.

Buffer Social

The Buffer Social blog ranges widely in its coverage of social media and digital marketing. Not only does the content include tips, but it also offers articles on social media strategy and interviews with key players in the industry.

Convince & Convert

The Convince & Convert blog is a very active multi-author blog about social media. The content includes quite a few pieces on developing strategy and creating a social media plan, but also has its share of handy tips. The blog is updated often by the large pool of contributing authors.


Grow is a digital marketing blog with a strong emphasis on social media. The blog is the brainchild of marketer Mark W. Shaefer, but the content includes frequent guest posts from others. The content includes tips, theory, and commentary.

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a social media practitioner with a broad and extensive background in digital marketing. His blog site is focused heavily on Facebook, including extensive materials on Facebook advertising. The focus is a bit narrow, but the content is deep. Jon also offers a paid subscription service, called the Power Hitters Club, for those who are interested in obtaining more information. Prices for access to the subscriber-only content start at $97 per month.


The RazorSocial blog is full of social media tip and tool reviews. The blog is big on assessing and comparing tools and often includes lists of top tools for particular tasks. The content is very much directed at active social media practitioners.

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is a social media strategist and digital marketing practitioner. Her blog covers a variety of topics related to social media, from high-level strategy to execution etiquette. She publishes an average of three or four times a month, but the content is solid.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured provides more than blog articles; it also offers newsletters and a podcast. The multi-author blog, which has a small group of regular contributors, has a strong focus on Twitter and on analytics, but it also covers other social media topics and case studies.

Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is the blog of social media practitioner Donna Moritz. The blog is narrowly focused on content marketing in general and visual content marketing in particular. If you are working on Pinterest, Instagram, or other visual channels, you will find the content on this blog to be particularly relevant to your work.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner may not technically be a blog, but it’s a site that fits this list for top ten online social media resources. The site looks a lot like a blog in terms of layout and organization, but the site could also be characterized as an online publication because of the volume of articles and the wide range of topics. Social Media Examiner content is big on tips and practical application of social media, and it is one of those sites you are very likely to visit again and again.