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Social Media Commerce For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Social Media Commerce For Dummies

By Marsha Collier

Main Street businesses are expanding their customer base by building online personae. Selling online, too, has become a profitable new adjunct to traditional sales, and social media is the core of today’s e-commerce. Through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (as well as your own website and blog), you connect with your customer. Through new media, you share ideas and join the conversation. But most of all, you gain a deeper connection with your customers.

Facebook Keystroke Shortcuts

You can use these Windows and Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to handle common activities in Facebook. Depending on your operating system and browser, touch one of the following keys or keystroke combinations, and then press a key in the table to travel from page to page in Facebook.

  • Firefox (Windows): Alt+Shift

  • Chrome or Internet Explorer (Windows): Alt

  • Firefox (Mac OS X): Function+Control

  • Other browsers (Mac OS X): Option+Control

    Keystroke Shortcut Result
    M Opens a new message window
    ? Moves the cursor to the search box
    1 Takes you to your Home newsfeed
    2 Goes to the Timeline page
    3 Displays friend requests for your personal account
    4 Visit your messages
    5 Goes to Notifications
    6 Visits General Account settings
    7 Opens the Privacy Settings page
    8 Displays the Facebook page
    9 Displays the Facebook terms and policies page
    0 Takes you to the Facebook Help Center

Marsha Collier’s Social Media Commerce Toolkit

For each arm of your social media commerce strategy, you use a different marketing tool. Here’s a shortlist of platforms to build your online conversation, which should ultimately lead to new customers through your engagement. Check them out and see which best fits your social persona. Soon you’ll have a clear social media plan for your company.

Basic content outreach

  • Facebook: Reach all ages with the largest social network

  • Twitter:Converse on this widely adopted messaging service via 140-character tweets

  • LinkedIn: Connect with like-minded professionals on this top business social networking site.

  • Google+: Reach newer adopters and techies on Google’s social network

Free blogging platforms

  • Blogger: Google-owned blogging suite with free hosting and theme personalization

  • Posterous: Twitter-owned free blogging platform with themes

  • WordPress: Free blog hosting managed by the developers of WordPress software


  • Bitly: Shorten URLs for posts; offers analytics and supports customization

  • Visibli: Attach a social engagement bar to all your shared links, with analytics

  • Pinterest: Share images on your own virtual pinboard on this popular scrapbook site

Images and videos

  • Flickr: Find royalty-free images to use on your blog; store and share your own

  • YouTube: Post videos for linking on your blog, Facebook page, and other social platforms


  • blogtalkradio: Podcast live and record using your telephone line

  • Spreaker: Create live or prerecorded podcasts with a microphone from an online or a mobile console

  • wsRadio: Conduct professional, radio-station-style podcasts


  • Fanpage Toolkit: Build your Facebook marketing with their five core application modules (Page Builder, Promotions, F-commerce, Messaging, and Analytics)

  • eBay Items: Port eBay listings to a Facebook business page; when item is clicked from Facebook Store App, customer is directed to the eBay listing

  • Ecwid: Install a full-featured shopping cart on your website or Facebook page with this app


  • Yelp: Stay on top of customer reviews and offer discounts on your page

  • Angie’s List: Claim your listing on this important review site for any service or Main Street business

  • Foursquare: Promote customer mobile check-ins with loyalty bonuses

Four Professional Social Media Commerce Secrets

Here are four e-commerce strategies you don’t want you to forget. Commerce is your goal — but “social” will get your business front and center. Include videos and engaging content on your website, and interact on other sites and blogs.

  • Keep your website fresh: With all the pressure about posting in social media, keep in mind that ultimately you need to direct visitors to a core website where they can learn all about your business — and make purchases. Create a web presence that reflects your business and your company culture. Make it accessible and engaging.

  • Include instructional videos: Build a library of YouTube uploads that pertain to your business and demonstrate your products. Link to these videos from your website and add a YouTube app to post them on your Facebook business page.

  • Friend and tag other businesses on Facebook: It’s easy to tag friends on your Facebook personal page and fans on your business page, but you can also tag other business pages as well. Be social — and help spread the word — by including other businesses in your posts.

  • Make social media fun: Keep the social conversation going. Post more often on a couple of sites instead of posting rarely on many. Aside from posting relevant content regularly (and not self-promoting all the time), reply to those who post to your accounts. Answer and ask. The most desirable social media personas are those who interact regularly.