Yammer Profile Options - dummies

Yammer Profile Options

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

Yammer offers you several options for a full and robust profile, if that is something you want. You can remain as basic as listing your name and job title, or get as specific as adding your kids’ names. The choice is up to you.

Accessing your profile options in easy. Log into your Yammer account. Click the More button and then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Source: Yammer.com

This will take you directly to the Settings page, where you will immediately see your profile options. Take a look at the many ways you can customize your profile. There are four main areas:

  • Basics: This is the space where you enter the general information about yourself. You probably entered all of this information when you signed up for Yammer. There are fields for entering or editing

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Photo

  • Info: This section allows you to get a little more specific about yourself. It includes a place for a description and other more specific details, if you choose to add any. This is where you can enter

    • About Me

    • Job Title

    • Location

    • Significant Other

    • Kids’ Names

    • Birthday

    • Expertise

    • Interests

  • Contact: Allows you to input multiple ways that colleagues and coworkers might be able to find you. You can simply enter a phone number or add links to your profile on various social networks. There are places for

    • Work Phone

    • Mobile Phone

    • IM

    • Twitter Username

    • Skype Name

    • Facebook Profile

    • LinkedIn Profile

    • Other Websites

  • Work and Education: This is the place for you to highlight your past. You can fill in your past and current employment and any degrees you have. More specifically, you can specify

    • Employer

    • Title

    • Description

    • Dates

    • Add Company

    • School

    • Degree/Diploma

    • Description

    • Dates

    • Add School

These are not all required fields. You can be as specific as you choose about how much you would like to share on Yammer. Just remember, this is not Facebook. Yammer is a workplace solution, so keep your posts and information work appropriate.