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What Types of Files Can I Upload to Yammer?

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

In true Yammer style, you are really not limited by the types of files you can share with your colleagues. As you approach an upcoming project, don’t feel limited to boring, old black-and-white documents.

Yammer allows you to work with the following types of files:

  • Documents: General word processing files and similar document types.

  • Notes: Any info that you want to share without creating an actual file. Maybe you just have some thoughts for editing a document or something that should be shared in an upcoming presentation.

  • Images: This one speaks for itself.

  • Videos: Videos are a good way to add a visual to any impending projects or presentations.

  • Official Files: Read only files. As the name implies, these are the files that others can view, but not make changes to. Look, but don’t touch!


Source: Yammer.com

One helpful Yammer feature is the information you can view for these files. Instead of spending time searching through your email for that one message that had that one document attached that you need for that presentation tomorrow (whew!), you easily can identify files using several criteria.

Each tab on the Files page shows you the different files for certain groups and allows you to access them depending on how you received them. When you choose a tab, you will be given the following information about a file:

  • Name

  • Type

  • Group

  • Last Updated By

  • Last Updated On

For example, if you choose the Recently Accessed tab on the Files page, you get all of this information at a glance. You can easily and quickly find out basic info, see if anyone made any changes, and see when those changes occurred. Pretty handy!


Source: Yammer.com